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Writing Your Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

The promises you make on your wedding day are the most important part of the entire event. Writing your own vows can make your ceremony more meaningful, but putting the pen to the paper is not always that easy. These tips should help you write some meaning into your wedding vows.

You Need to Start Somewhere

Where does one begin? This standstill is commonly referred to as writer’s block. Instead of thinking about what you will say and how you will word it, think about how they make you feel. Think about your relationship, why you fell in love with them, and all the promises you want to make. Religion and culture can shape the words you speak during the ceremony. You might review religious writings and traditional vows that could help you structure your wedding vows. Poetry and all your favorite love stories can make it a little more romantic. Take note of your favorite phrases along your journey to creating your own.

Wedding Vows

Think About Your Promises

Your wedding vows are the promises you make to each other. Before you put the pen to the paper, decide what your expectations are in the relationship. Share your emotions, values and ideas. Make a list of words that define your relationship. Your list might include respect, cherish and love. Keep this list of promises handy for later. This point in the process requires that you decide whether you want to work together or write your vows separately. Saving the words for the big moment can create surprise and a larger emotional impact. Working together can be just as powerful, and will allow you to share similar vows together. Regardless of whether you do it together or separately, you should sit down and discuss important expectations for the relationship and for the promises involved.

Create an Outline for Wedding Vows

You should create an outline that begins with the reasons this other person has your heart and all the reasons you cannot imagine a life without them in it. You might create a short story without saying too much. You do not want your wedding vows to be too wordy. With that in mind, try to convey your feelings and how you spiraled into an endless abyss of love with them. Think about the journey that keeps you falling deeper every single day. Relationships are not perfect. Your vows are promises that you will keep when things become less than the perfect fairy tale they are today. Your story must lead into that list of promises that you made earlier.

Writing Unique Wedding Vows

The idea is to avoid the cookie cutter ceremony and do it differently. Whether you open with a quote or a story, make your vows your own. The way to make your vows unique is to project your own feelings into your writing. It is okay to include traditions, such as a unity cup with special words about the symbolism it creates. It is okay to include a special reading, poem or a scripture from the bible. Get creative and incorporate your own feelings, thoughts and promises.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is a must for all public speaking. Even when surrounded by friends and family, you will probably be a little nervous. Iron out the wrinkles and make it flow. Feel comfortable saying your vows. Avoid the feeling of reading, and speak from the heart. When you find your cadence and say it perfectly, you might want to make some edits. For this reason, write your wedding vows a few weeks before your wedding day, allowing time for all the practice and changes.

Wedding Vows

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