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Tips for Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your engagement! This marks the start of an exhilarating adventure with your partner. Like many, you might find yourself at square one, full of ideas but unsure of where to start. Perhaps you're contemplating hiring a wedding planner to navigate the planning process. If you're determined to tackle this challenge yourself to save money and embrace a DIY approach, here are some helpful tips for your wedding planning journey.

The Wedding Planner Dilemma

Before proceeding, let's address a common early decision faced by many couples: whether to hire a wedding planner. A planner can be a significant asset, offering industry connections and expertise that can help secure the best rates, potentially saving you money. However, the cost of hiring a wedding planner, typically about 15% to 20% of your total wedding budget, is an investment in itself. While some might question the necessity of a planner—after all, a marriage could be as simple as paying a fee and visiting the courthouse—a wedding is much more than just the legal act of getting married. It’s about creating a memorable experience. A wedding planner acts as a personal assistant who uses their industry know-how and contacts to shape your vision into reality within your budget constraints. However, couples can save thousands by opting for an all-inclusive wedding venue. These venues often include connections with various vendors and have in-house designers and planners, providing a comprehensive solution to wedding planning without the need for an external planner.

Wedding Planning

The First Steps to Wedding Planning

Wedding planning starts with selecting your dream location and a picturesque venue. Opting for an all-inclusive venue allows you to work directly with in-house designers and planners to choose a theme, colors, and décor. This approach also enables you to coordinate other related events, such as the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon. Sometimes, venues offer additional savings when you book multiple events. Securing your venue is the first and most crucial step in wedding planning, as it sets the timeline and gets all subsequent plans in motion.

Choosing the Right Location and Atmosphere

The venue is the cornerstone of your wedding day. Consider what you envision for your special day and choose a location that adds meaningfulness to the celebration. Decide if you prefer an indoor ceremony or an outdoor one, and think about the time of day and the nature of the celebration that will follow. With a clear theme and desired atmosphere in mind, select a venue that can seamlessly accommodate both your ceremony and reception. This not only saves money but also simplifies logistics on your wedding day. A perfect wedding venue does more than offer a beautiful space—it captures the essence of your fairy tale and fulfills all the specific needs on your checklist.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning with Your Venue

Select a wedding venue that collaborates closely with you. Many venues are merely empty spaces, requiring you to rent furnishings, décor, and arrange for extensive design services. Beyond design, you may need to consider hiring bartenders, banquet staff, coordinators for the day of the event, and food managers. An all-inclusive venue simplifies this by providing furnishings, décor, chinaware, and all necessary staff services in a single package. This can lead to substantial savings. If you're working with a wedding planner, all-inclusive venues can seamlessly coordinate with them to realize your vision. Additionally, such venues often have preferred vendors, making it easier to assemble your wedding team under one roof, providing both convenience and cost savings.

What's Next?

Once your venue is secured, it's time to book your wedding vendors. Hire your caterer, florist, photographer, cake designer, live band or DJ, and start shopping for your wedding dress early to ensure availability. Arrange for hotel blocks for guests and the wedding party, create a gift registry, and develop a wedding website to keep everyone informed. Order your invitations and start planning the honeymoon about six months before your wedding. Also, consider buying gifts for the wedding party, arranging transportation, and creating a day-of event timeline as your wedding day approaches. Don’t forget to book your wedding officiant early on.

The Last Few Months of Wedding Planning

In the final months leading up to your wedding, you should:

- Provide your bridal shower host with your guest list.

- Create a playlist for your DJ or band.

- Finalize details with your caterer, cake designer, and florist.

- Purchase or make wedding favors and place cards.

- Ask key individuals to make speeches at your rehearsal dinner and wedding.

- Shop for your honeymoon essentials.

- Schedule fittings for your wedding dress.

- Purchase wedding rings.

- Regularly check in with your vendors to confirm details and timelines.

- Ensure your band or DJ has your playlist and that your videographer and photographer are briefed on important details.

- Send out wedding invitations six weeks prior to the event.

- Obtain your marriage license about a month before.

- Stock the bar with your chosen beverages.

- Schedule a final dress fitting a few weeks before your wedding.

- Attend your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and both bachelor and bachelorette parties.

- In the last couple of weeks, finalize seating arrangements, provide your caterer with the final headcount, and pack for the honeymoon.

- Always maintain communication with your vendor team and venue during the final week to ensure everything is on track.

Wedding Planning

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team and planners that are dedicated to creating your fairy tale. Beyond making the picturesque venue and elegant designs affordable, Crystal Ballroom offers additional day of event coordinator services to create a flawless event. Every wedding package includes all of the furnishings, décor, bartender services, banquet staff and an in-house design team to decorate the entire ceremony space and reception ballroom. Relationships with vendors provide access to professional services at reduced rates to save couples even more. Schedule your private VIP tour and begin your wedding planning journey.


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