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Veils and Wedding Dresses

Selecting the perfect veil to compliment the perfect dress can be difficult when we imagine all of the possibilities from bridal caps to cathedral veils. To complicate matters more, wedding dresses have a uniqueness that requires a little matching. This guide to matching veils with wedding dresses will help any bride find that perfect match.

Wedding Dresses

Perfect Veils for Perfect Wedding Dresses

The first step to picking a veil is to pick the perfect wedding dress. Veils generally match the style and theme of wedding dresses. The bride must decide on the right length of the veil that flows naturally with the dress. It is important to try on different veils while wearing the dress to determine if the length and style fits with the gown. The veil should look as if it was designed and created as part of the dress, like the two are one piece.

The length of the veil creates a unique look. Long veils are dramatic accents to wedding dresses. Whether ballet, cathedral or chapel, it is a formal and traditional statement. Shorter veils are slightly more informal, and add a playful touch to the ensemble. Birdcages and blushers are all personality and a little retro fun.

Wedding Dresses

Matching Wedding Dresses

Veils should always match wedding dresses. The color, fabric and style should be so close that the veil is as much a part of the wedding dress as possible. Antique veils will not always match the dress of the bride, but they get a wild card as the something borrowed sentimental thing. Overly ornamented wedding dresses might call for a simple veil. A simple dress can call for an exciting over the top veil that stretches the length of a ballroom.

Decide on the fabric and texture. Silk tulle, lace or floral-embellished veils are just a few for inspiration. However, inspiration should always be found in the wedding dresses. The wedding dresses always tell the story of the bride and theme. Veils should never compete with wedding dresses, and should always remain the beautiful peace to accent the perfect dress.

The Back of the Dress

The back of a wedding dress tells us something special about what the perfect veil should look like. Plunging backs and intricate lace designs on the back of wedding dresses should not be hidden beneath a veil. A sheer veil or shorter veil might be a better match. A veil should always provide just the right amount of dramatic awe to the occasion.

Wedding Dresses

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