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Choosing Your Maid of Honor

Maid of Honor

Choosing your maid of honor is one of the many exciting parts of wedding planning. If you just announced your engagement, you probably discovered that almost everyone wants to be in the wedding party. Choosing your maid of honor can be an emotionally challenging task, because you can only choose one special person. This does not mean the other friends are less than best. There are several factors to consider when choosing your team leader. It is about choosing the best person for the role. These tips will help you choose your maid of honor.

Duties of a Maid of Honor

A maid of honor does far more than just stand beside the bride during the ceremony. This is an important role with many duties. This special person will assist with wedding planning and provide support during the entire process. The maid of honor is responsible for planning and hosting a bridal shower and bachelorette party with the bridesmaids. The maid of honor also assists the bride with getting ready on her wedding day and provides support throughout the day. This special person must be mature, a problem solver, organized, good with budgeting, able to manage a team and experienced with counseling others.

Maid of Honor

Choosing a Best Man Instead

Traditionally, the maid of honor is a female. Although, it is completely okay to break tradition and choose an unexpected gender. Choosing a best man instead of a best maid is completely acceptable, if the groom is agreeable. If the groom is in opposition, you should definitely consider his feelings. Consider how you would feel, if the tables were turned. You and your partner get to make all the rules up as you go along and shape your magical day into anything you imagine.

Making the Decision

Making the decision can be tough. You must narrow it down to one person. Many of us feel compelled to ask a family member or the person that chose us to be their maid of honor. Never feel pressured to ask someone to be your maid of honor out of a feeling of obligation. This role must be filled by a very special person. Remember, this person must be mature, a problem solver, organized, good with budgeting, able to manage a team and experienced with counseling others. You may choose many bridesmaids, but there is only one maid of honor. Think about the duties and the role when choosing the person to fill the position.

Maid of Honor

Asking Your Maid of Honor

Make the moment you ask your maid of honor special. Add an element of surprise and make it meaningful. Consider giving a small friendship charm or bracelet in a box with the special message hidden inside. You could create a custom card or mug. Some brides choose their wedding party during a gathering. Some brides ask them separately. When asking them separately, you might consider asking the maid of honor before asking the bridesmaids.

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