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Wedding Traditions and Ideas

Wedding Ideas

In the modern Western world, wedding ceremonies are more creative and personalized than ever before. Couples are looking for unique and exciting ways to add flavor to their special day. From incorporating traditional wedding traditions from around the world to adding a touch of humor, there are endless possibilities to make your wedding ceremony truly memorable.

Armenian Tradition

In Armenian culture, it is believed that balancing flatbread on your shoulders will ward off evil spirits. This tradition is typically performed at the groom's mother's house, where the bride and groom are given lavash (a traditional Armenian flatbread) and honey. The couple then balances the bread on their shoulders and eats spoonfuls of honey.

This tradition can easily be incorporated into the wedding reception as a main event. The bride and groom could enter the reception balancing the bread on their shoulders, or they could perform the ritual during the reception dinner. This would be a fun and unique way to add to the festivities, and it would also be a great way to honor Armenian culture.

Wedding Ideas

Chinese Tradition

In Chinese culture, the bride is carried on an elaborately decorated sedan chair to the groom's home. This tradition symbolizes the bride's journey from her old life to her new life as a married woman. Rice is often tossed at the bride during the journey, as this is believed to bring prosperity to the couple. You can easily incorporate this tradition into your wedding reception by having your guests carry you around on a small sedan chair on the dance floor. This would be a fun and unique way to add to the festivities, and it would also be a great way to honor Chinese culture.

Norwegian Tradition

Norwegian weddings are known for their beauty, tradition, and festive atmosphere. Here are two unique Norwegian wedding traditions that you and your guests are sure to love:

  • The kransekake: This towering cake is made of almond cake rings that are stacked in a cone shape and decorated with icing. A bottle of champagne is hidden in the hollow center of the cake. The kransekake is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, and it is traditionally served at the end of the wedding reception.

  • The bridal crown: The bride wears a silver and gold crown embellished with dangling charms. The sound of the jingling charms is believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the bride on her wedding day. The bridal crown is a beautiful and meaningful tradition that is sure to add a touch of elegance to your wedding day.

These are just two of the many Norwegian wedding traditions that you could incorporate into your own wedding. If you are looking for a unique and memorable way to celebrate your special day, consider these Norwegian traditions.

Russian Tradition

Share a sweet treat and compete for the title of head of the family with this Russian wedding tradition. In Russia, it is customary for the bride and groom to share a karavay, a traditional sweetbread decorated with interlocking rings and wheat. The karavay is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and fertility, and it is believed that the couple who takes the biggest bite will be the head of the family.

The karavay is typically served at the wedding reception, and it is often accompanied by salt. The bride and groom take turns dipping the bread in salt and eating it, symbolizing their willingness to share in the hardships and joys of married life. The tradition of sharing the karavay is a fun and unique way to celebrate the beginning of a new life together. It is also a great way to honor Russian culture and tradition.

Philippine Tradition

In the Philippines, it is a traditional wedding custom to release a pair of white doves into the sky as a symbol of harmony and peace. This tradition is said to have originated in ancient times, when people believed that doves were messengers of the gods. The release of doves at weddings has since become popular in Western culture as well. Today, it is a common way for couples to symbolize their love and commitment to each other. The doves are often released at the end of the wedding ceremony, as the couple leaves for their honeymoon.

The release of doves is a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate a wedding. It is a reminder of the couple's love for each other, and it is a symbol of their hope for a peaceful and harmonious future together.

Welsh Traditions

In Wales, it is a traditional wedding custom to add myrtle to the bridal bouquet. Myrtle is a symbol of love and fidelity, and it is believed that if the bridesmaid who catches the bouquet plants the myrtle and it blooms, she will be the next bride to be. The tradition of adding myrtle to the bridal bouquet is said to have originated in ancient Greece, when the goddess Aphrodite was said to have been born under a myrtle tree. Myrtle has long been associated with love and beauty, and it is a popular choice for wedding flowers.

If you are looking for a unique and meaningful way to add a touch of love to your wedding bouquet, consider adding myrtle. It is a beautiful and fragrant flower that is sure to bring good luck to the bride and her bridesmaids.

Peruvian Tradition

In Peru, wedding cakes are often decorated with charms tied to ribbons. The charms are hidden inside of the cake, and only the ribbons extend outward. One ribbon has a fake wedding ring attached to the other end.

As the cake is cut, the single ladies in attendance take turns pulling the ribbons out, one by one, to reveal the charm at the other end. The lucky lady who pulls the ring is said to be the next bride.

This tradition is called cintas de la torta, which means "ribbons of the cake." It is a fun and unique way to add a touch of tradition and excitement to the wedding reception. It is also a great way to celebrate the single ladies in attendance and wish them good luck in finding their own happily ever after.

African Tradition

In the eighteenth century, European traders in the region that is now Ghana were impressed by the locally made brooms. Brooms were seen as a symbol of sweeping away evil spirits, and they became part of wedding ceremonies as a way to bless the couple.

In an Asante wedding, brooms were waved over the couple as they exchanged vows. This custom found its way into African American ceremonies as a symbol of commitment. It became a common practice and a general reference to marriage to "jump over the broomstick." Jumping the broom is a way to symbolize jumping into a new life with commitment to your partner. It is a tradition that has its roots in African culture, and it is a beautiful way to celebrate your love.

Wedding Ideas

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