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Tips and Ideas for Wedding Fashion

Wedding Fashion

Navigating Wedding Fashion for Your Big Day

A highlight of wedding planning is undoubtedly the fashion aspect. Beyond the bride's attire, there's a whole ensemble to consider, including dresses, suits, accessories, and styling for hair and makeup. These suggestions aim to guide you through everything from selecting the perfect dress to finalizing hair and makeup, ensuring your wedding day is as dreamy as imagined.

Synchronizing Wedding Attire

The wedding outfits should complement the bride's look and align with the overall theme. The bride's gown is a pivotal element, setting the precedent for the entire event and the attire of the wedding party. For instance, if the bride opts for an empire dress for a rustic garden wedding, the groom might lean towards a suit rather than a formal tuxedo. The bride usually selects bridesmaid dresses that harmonize with her gown's color and style. Similarly, the groom's attire will set the standard for his groomsmen.

Budgeting for Wedding Attire

The bride's dress is central to her vision of the wedding day, with other elements often revolving around it. While the venue and theme influence the dress choice, compromising on the wedding gown is seldom an option. If a lavish ballgown is a dream, it might necessitate adjustments elsewhere in the budget. For a blend of luxury and affordability, consider renting a gown, hunting for online bargains, or exploring discount bridal boutiques.

Wedding fashion can significantly impact your budget, especially when factoring in accessories like jewelry, hairpieces, and shoes. It's crucial to strike a balance between finding the ideal dress and accessories without overspending. This means delving into bridal fashion research, browsing magazines, engaging with social media, and shopping around for the best deals. Collaborating with a wedding planner or a venue that offers vendor connections can steer you towards suitable options.

Wedding Fashion

Preparing Hair and Makeup for Your Wedding Day

It's essential to schedule hair and makeup trials at least a month before your wedding. If you're planning any hair color changes, this allows ample time for adjustments and fixes if needed. A trial run is crucial to ensure everything looks perfect on your special day. When booking a hair and makeup artist, the package typically includes a trial session and the actual wedding day appointment. Begin nurturing your hair and skin a few weeks before the wedding with treatments and facials, but steer clear of any harsh chemical treatments close to the event. About a week prior, you might want to consider services like waxing, teeth whitening, and tanning. For these treatments, it's advisable to rely on professionals to prevent any mishaps, especially with tanning and waxing.

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

The choice of your wedding venue plays a significant role in determining your bridal attire. Prior to deciding on your dress and accessories, it's a good idea to visit various wedding venues. Opting for an all-inclusive venue that offers in-house designers and décor can be instrumental in crafting a theme and color scheme that aligns seamlessly with your dream bridal look. At Crystal Ballroom North Tampa, we specialize in creating a luxurious ballroom setting tailored to your unique vision. Bring your dream wedding ideas to our team of professional designers at Crystal Ballroom, and watch as we bring your fairy tale to life.


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