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Tips and Ideas for Wedding Fashion

Wedding Fashion

One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is wedding fashion. You will be dressing more than the bride on your wedding day. There are dresses, suits, accessories, hair and makeup to consider. These tips cover everything from hair and makeup to the dress to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Coordinating Wedding Fashion

Wedding attire should be coordinated with the bride and fit the theme. The bride’s dress is the most important of all the wedding fashion. It will set the tone for the entire event and the wedding party. If the bride is wearing an empire gown for a rustic garden wedding, the groom will probably choose a suit over a formal tux. Every bridesmaid’s dress will be picked by the bride to match the color scheme and style of her gown. The groom will coordinate his groomsmen to match his attire.

The Budget for Wedding Fashion

The wedding dress is intrinsic to the bride’s vision for her wedding day, and everything else will revolve around it. Regardless of what influences the venue and theme have on the dress selection, the wedding dress is not something that accepts sacrifices easily. Having the luxurious ballgown from a fairy tale might be the dream. When nothing gives, everything else in the budget must. To have affordable luxury, you might consider renting a dress, shopping online for deals or visiting a discount bridal boutique.

Wedding fashion can eat away at the budget, especially with wedding accessories. Jewelry, hair pieces and shoes can add up quickly. However, do not settle. Find the right dress and accessories at the right price. This involves researching bridal fashion, flipping through magazines, scrolling through social media and shopping around for the best deals possible. Connecting with a wedding planner or a wedding venue with vendor connections can direct you to the right places.

Wedding Fashion

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup appointments should take place at least a month prior to the wedding. If you are considering a color treatment, allow time for errors and corrections. You will also want a trial run before the big day. Booking with a hair and makeup artist usually includes a trial and a day-of appointment. Start preparing hair and skin with a hair treatment and facial a couple weeks prior to the event. Avoid chemical skin treatments prior to the wedding. A week before the wedding, you might consider waxing, teeth whitening and tanning. Always use a professional for these services to avoid embarrassing mistakes with tanning and waxing.

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Your wedding venue will influence your choices about your bridal fashion. Before shopping for the dress and accessories, tour wedding venues. Choose an all-inclusive wedding venue with in-house designers and décor to create the theme and color scheme to match the wedding fashion of your dreams. Crystal Ballroom North Tampa designs a luxurious ballroom to meet imagination. Bring your vision for your magical day to the professional designers at Crystal Ballroom to make your fairy tale come true.

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