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Creating the Wedding Guest List

Wedding Guest List

Creating the wedding guest list is not a simple task. While it might be easy to eliminate the cousin three times removed and the acquaintance you never see, having a place in the budget for all those that matter can get tricky. We have all the tips for planning that do not create sacrifice. Keep reading to discover a few tips for creating your wedding guest list.

The Wedding Party

The wedding party should receive priority on the guest list. The wedding party will have a supportive role with planning, and stand by your side during the ceremony. Not every wedding takes the same shape. You might have two or ten in a line at the wedding arch. This decision is all yours. Just make sure to add them to your wedding guest list before inviting other guests. Do not forget to add a plus-one for their significant other. If your event allows for children to be in attendance, you should add their children to the list.

Family on the Wedding Guest List

Family is at the very top of the wedding guest list. Begin with your innermost circle, and then work your way towards distant family members and friends. The wedding guest list usually begins with parents, followed by siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. If there is room in your budget, you can expand your list to include distant family.

Wedding Guest List

Close Friends

Close friends are next to family and usually make the wedding guest list. This list can be a little easier to create, considering they must be in your life on the regular to make the list. If you go months or years without speaking to this person, you might want to rethink an invite.

Professional Circle

Coworkers form a professional circle and can become very important people in your life that you might want to add to the wedding guest list. If your budget is small, invite very close friends from work, instead of the entire office. If you feel like you are going to get into an uncomfortable situation of picking and choosing, you can always keep the wedding guest list limited to very close family and friends outside of work. If the subject is discussed at work, you can just explain that your planning a very small and intimate wedding.

Wedding Guest List

Challenges of Creating a Wedding Guest List

One of the most challenging parts of creating a wedding guest list is dividing it by two. There is a bride’s side and a groom’s side to consider. The general rule is to allot the same number of guests for the groom as for the bride. Also, each guest that you invite will naturally bring a date. That doubles your guest count. If you are allowing children at your wedding, you will need to add space for them. This can create an unequal count when thinking in terms of adults and children. With your budget in mind, set a comfortable number for the guest count and work with your partner to make room for those that are important to both of you.

Be Mindful

The wedding guest list can be sensitive for some. There might not be room for certain people in your budget. You might find yourself avoiding the subject with some and leaving someone out. The wedding party could be a little smaller and leave that one friend wondering why they were never asked to be part of your special day. You are not required to invite someone to avoid hurt feelings. However, you should be mindful of the situation. Be careful not to invite someone to a smaller event, such as the bridal shower, bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner that is not being invited to the wedding. If you find yourself hurting feelings, just explain you are planning a small event.

Keep the Wedding Guest List and Save the Money

Many couples believe the best way to have a more affordable wedding is to have a smaller one. This is not always the case. You can save thousands in your wedding budget by hosting your wedding at an all-inclusive venue. This provides a space for the ceremony and reception at one venue, and includes all of the furnishings, flowers, décor and services. Rather than eliminating guests, get creative and plan differently.

Wedding Guest List

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Create your perfect wedding day with all your special people on the wedding guest list, and host your dream wedding at Crystal Ballroom North Tampa. Step inside of the design studio and meet with professional wedding designers, planners and floral designers. This all-inclusive venue includes all of the furnishings and décor. It eliminates the need for expensive rentals, and creates a space for those that matter. Host your ceremony and reception at Crystal Ballroom, and experience a fairy tale in a picturesque venue designed just for you.


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