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Wedding Traditions to Consider

Unique Wedding Traditions
Unique Wedding Traditions

Creating a romantic and unforgettable celebration involves a few meaningful traditions. Which wedding traditions should you make part of your big day? If you need a little inspiration, consider these traditions from around the world.

Irish Wedding Traditions

The Irish have given us a few meaningful wedding traditions. While you are choosing something borrowed and something blue, make sure you add a horseshoe charm to your jewelry or bouquet for some added luck. One of the oldest Irish wedding traditions is becoming a modern trend, as more and more couples are incorporating a handfasting ceremony into their nuptials. Handfasting dates back to 7,000 B.C., at a time when ancient Celts officially joined in the bonds of matrimony by handfasting. The couple was met with a feast to celebrate their engagement. During an engagement ceremony, a priest bound their hands together with a braided chord. The handfasting ritual was later adopted by Christian Irish as the exclusive method of marriage, and is still recognized as a legal marriage today in some villages in Ireland.

Irish Wedding Traditions
Irish Wedding Traditions

Greek Wedding Traditions

A culturally significant 11th century Greek wedding tradition involves placing a white crown on the bride’s head. This tradition is observed today with more elaborate crowns. The bride and groom are both crowned by a priest, and the crowns are tied together three times by the Koumbaros or sponsor. A tied ribbon completes the ritual and symbolizes the union. After the ceremony, the Koumbaros distributes a lapel pin with a ribbon to the guests. Food is an important part of Greek wedding traditions. The traditional foods include lamb or beef stew with orzo, tiropita, baklava and Jordan almonds. Don't forget to do the dollar dance. This is where guests toss dollar bills at the bride and groom as they dance a playful dance together.

Jewish Wedding Traditions

Most of us have heard about the tradition of breaking glass on our wedding day. We can credit Jewish wedding traditions for this shattering event. The couple is given glass inside of a cloth bag to crush with their feet. Some say it signifies the temple in Jerusalem, while others say it represents commitment during difficult times. Do not forget to have your guests shout "Mazel Tov" to wish you good luck.

Sand Ceremony
Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony is one of the many wedding traditions that holds significant meaning and creates a piece of art for keepsake. A vase is either setup prior to the ceremony or placed on a table by the officiant. The bride and groom are each handed a vase filled with colored sand to pour into a larger vase together or to alternate turns to create colorful layers. Different methods will create a different artistic effect with the colored sand.

Broom Jumping

Broom jumping dates back to the 1700’s in Wales at a time when the marriages of gypsies were not accepted by the church. The ritual was known as a besom wedding, named after the besom broom. Broom jumping became a popular trend and marriage right in Scotland and England in the 1800s. Broom jumping is also deeply rooted in West African culture. The Asante people waved brooms over couples to remove evil spirits and sweep away the past for a new beginning. At the end of the ceremony, the couple would jump over the broom together. Broom jumping is intertwined with different cultures in history, and holds significance to couples for different reasons.

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