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Wedding Colors: Tips and Inspiration

Wedding Colors

When we daydream about our wedding day, we imagine our theme and wedding colors. For some, the ideas are developed and set in stone. However, choosing wedding colors can be a challenge when there are multiple visions and possible themes. Having too many possibilities can make the choice impossible. These tips should help narrow down the wedding colors for the wedding of your dreams.

Themed Wedding Colors

One of the easiest ways to choose wedding colors is to pick a theme. Themed weddings come with a full color palette and cookie cutter ideas. A Cinderella inspired wedding is traditionally blue and white. Beauty and the Beast wedding colors are navy and gold. Wedding colors for a Great Gatsby theme are rich and bold colors like black, green, silver, purple and gold. Sometimes all you need is a theme.

Wedding Colors

Choose Base Wedding Colors

If you do not have a theme with a ready made color palette, you must build your own. A color palette for wedding colors begins with a base color. This will be your prominent color that all accent and complimenting wedding colors will build upon. This color can be anything from your wildest favorite color to a soft pink or dramatic blue. Once you have your base color, you can begin creating your palette of wedding colors.

Wedding Colors

Build a Palette

You will usually choose three wedding colors by using your base color to find colors that either compliment or contrast your chosen base. The rules of matching wedding colors say that opposites pair and neighbors share. What does this mean for wedding colors? Opposite colors place cool and warm colors together that match well, like orange and blue. Neighboring colors share a primary color, like purple and green with their common blue. Bold and classy color combinations that are safe wedding colors are black, silver and white or navy blue and gold. Kings robe purple, lavender and hues of color can also be paired.

Wedding Colors

Seasonal Colors

Wedding colors can be inspired by the season. Building a color palette from season is an easy way to pick wedding colors. Burgundy and pink or red and gold can make the perfect winter combinations. Pink, peach, coral and a soft blue can set the tone for a sweet summer affair. Fall wedding colors include gold, orange and brown. Spring wedding colors include soft pastels, lavender and bright yellow.

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Whether you are searching for a theme or building your palette of wedding colors from a base, find inspiration in all the right places. Flip through magazines, flip through posts and visit a wedding venue with an in-house design team to help you dream up the perfect wedding colors for your fairy tale wedding. Crystal Ballroom North Tampa is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team and a treasure trove of décor to help you pick wedding colors and design the wedding of your dreams.


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