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The Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Tips for Designing a Wedding Venue Like a Pro

If you are planning your wedding, you are probably on a hunt for location and designs to make the day everything you dreamed about. There are many options when it comes to location and design. Some couples choose a raw space that requires all of the furnishings and designs to bring the vision into focus, while others are discovering a secret in the wedding industry that brings the vision to life with a lot less stress. These tips will help you design your wedding venue like a pro.

Designing the Ceremony Space

The first part of the design requires attention to the ceremony space. The wedding venue needs to have a well defined aisle. This is usually accomplished with chars and aisle décor. Since seating is a main component of the ceremony space, let's begin there.

You need to choose chairs that match your vision. If you want luxury, you will probably want to choose a Chivari chair. Chair sashes are a way to get creative with your designs. Everything from color and fabric to the way you tie it to the chair will make all the difference.

Every ceremony should have a wedding arch. This is the decorated space where the couple stands before their guests to say "I do." This elegant piece will frame the couple during the entire ceremony and in every photograph. The way you design the wedding arch will make all the difference in your theme. Different flowers and sheers are used to create the desired effect. Touring a wedding venue is the best way to get inspiration for designing.

Designing the Reception Hall of Your Wedding Venue

Designing the reception hall of your wedding venue requires tables, chairs, table décor, linens, chair sashes, table runners, centerpieces, table cards, chinaware, a sweetheart table, lighting, and a cake table. As with the ceremony space, the decisions you make about your chair sashes will define the room. The chair sashes should be coordinated to accent the table linens. The table runners can be a solid color, paired with an overlay or sequined. Flowers can be used to accent manzanita trees or elegant candelabras. Do not forget to decorate the sweetheart table a little differently to make it a special place in the room. Uplighting around the wedding venue will add color and highlight your décor.

The Centerpieces in Your Wedding Venue

Centerpieces require a little more than a mention. Your centerpieces will either create a dramatic effect or a feeling of sparsity. A large table requires a large centerpiece. Dare to create a breathtaking experience when your guests enter the room with oversized candelabras and your favorite wedding flowers on top. Consider manzanita trees with floating candles to decorate the limbs. Add your favorite flowers to bring in your wedding colors. Whether manzanita tree, candelabra or a lantern, use beading or pearls to create an added look of elegance. Never let your centerpiece stand alone. Always fill the space with candles, small vases and flowers.

The Chinaware

Your guests will sit at the table of décor to enjoy a fine dining experience that you have planned for the occasion. Your chinaware is another element of the design that must match the vision. Your charger plates will frame the cloth napkins, which should also be coordinated with color and theme. Choose a napkin ring to match the charger plate. Set your tables with fine china for a full three course meal for every guest. Remember, the china is part of the design and must be coordinated to match.

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa is one of the biggest wedding design secrets in the industry. This all-inclusive wedding venue bundles the venue, all of the furnishings, décor and staff services into one affordable package to create your dream event. The in-house designers customize the designs in the ceremony space and reception hall to match your vision. You will have an opportunity to meet inside of the design studio to hand select your flowers, centerpieces, linens, and every detail of the fairy tale. Every event includes a bartender, banquet staff and fine china for a full three course meal for every guest. Food managers, additional staff, a day of event coordinator, dance on a cloud effects, rose petal aisle décor, and a candy bar are also available upon request. Crystal Ballroom designs luxurious events and creates unforgettable moments.


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