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Things to Know About Wedding Gifts

Things to Know About Wedding Gifts

A couple months prior to your wedding, you will probably be thinking about wedding gifts. Traditionally, the couple will give gifts to those special people in their wedding party, and guests will give gifts to the couple on their wedding day. There are a few things to know about wedding gifts, and these tips should help you with the planning.

Budgeting for Wedding Gifts

As a bride, you should consider two things, your budget and how much your bridesmaids invested to be part of your special day. Your budget is easy to determine, but it can be difficult to calculate what another person contributed. Typically, a bridesmaid spends about $150 on their dress. Shoes and accessories are an additional expense. When you add bachelorette party gifts, the total contribution could be about $400. As a bride, you are not expected to match the bridesmaid with a gift that equals her contribution to participate, but her contributions are important when you are thinking about a gift that says thank you. If the bridesmaid spent $400, the bride might think of a gift between $100 and $150. Keep in mind that the maid of honor should receive a more lavish gift than the bridesmaids. Her role in your wedding is much larger, and so is her contribution. The bride usually purchases small gifts for flower girls that participate in the wedding. The groom will make the same considerations when gifting his best man and groomsmen. An usher usually receives a smaller gift of about $30.

Wedding Gifts for the Wedding Party

Timeline for Giving Wedding Party Gifts

Traditionally, the bride and groom give the wedding party their gifts at the rehearsal dinner. Some couples choose to distribute wedding gifts at the reception. There is not a specific timeline for giving wedding gifts. Follow your heart and create the perfect moment during your special events to make it a meaningful thank you.

The Type of Gifts

You might be a little confused about what to buy your wedding party. This can be a challenge when shopping for anyone on any special occasion. You do not need to buy everyone the same gift, but you should spend the same amount, except for when buying for the maid of honor and best man. As a general gift-giving rule, give something that is practical. There are a lot of cute ideas for wedding party gifts, but make sure it something they will use and enjoy. It is common to give a piece of jewelry. However, you might consider something they will be able to use everyday.

Wedding Gifts and the Registry

Traditionally, guests will bring wedding gifts to the wedding to give to the couple on their wedding day. Gift registries are important to make sure that the couple receives gifts that they want and will be able to use, as well as prevent a couple from receiving the same toaster oven from three different aunts. Having a couple different gift registries with gifts in different price ranges will give your guests options to fit their budget, and will prevent duplicate gifts. This can be a fun time for a couple planning their wedding. Sit with your partner and create your gift registries together. If you are creating a wedding website, you can include gift registry information for your guests online. Some couples choose to insert this information within invitations. Keep in mind that some guests gift money instead of an item from your registry. Couples can have a wishing well to collect cash and checks during the celebration. It is becoming a popular trend to collect contributions on a wedding website to help fund the honeymoon.

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

While you might have a hundred questions about wedding gifts and planning, Crystal Ballroom North Tampa makes planning your wedding day easy. Meet with the professional in-house designers and planners at Crystal Ballroom North Tampa to create your dream wedding with all of the wedding traditions that are important to you. Choose this romantic destination wedding venue to match your theme and the vision for your magical day. Let the designers create your fairy tale in a ballroom designed just for you.


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