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The Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Planning Summer Weddings

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Summer weddings capture the essence of the season, showcasing blue skies, warm weather, romantic settings, vibrant colors, and blooming flowers. Located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, North Tampa offers an idyllic setting for your Florida wedding. Choose a date between June and August to exchange vows and find inspiration in these suggestions for planning your summer wedding.

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Indoor or Outdoor Summer Weddings

Summer weddings in Florida, whether held indoors or outdoors, offer a blend of enchanting possibilities. Outdoor ceremonies in the sunshine state evoke a whimsical charm, while indoor ballroom settings ignite the imagination with themed elegance. Planning a summer ceremony in Florida involves consideration of the weather patterns, particularly the likelihood of afternoon showers despite the state's nickname as the sunshine state. Optimal timing for outdoor weddings is typically early in the day to avoid the afternoon rains, while indoor weddings provide a flexible timeframe, allowing for early outdoor ceremonies followed by evening ballroom receptions.

Colors for Summer Weddings

The color palette for summer weddings is a burst of freshness and vibrancy, mirroring the coastal hues of Florida. Teal, fuchsia, terracotta, pale yellow, and nautical blue are just a few shades that complement the summer ambiance. These bright colors can be brought to life through grand floral arrangements atop candelabras, colorful table runners, and chair sashes. Incorporating the wedding colors into the ceremony, from the bridal bouquet to the wedding attire, adds a cohesive and visually stunning touch to the celebration.


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Wedding Attire

Outdoor summer weddings often feature lightweight fabrics that gracefully flow with movement and color in the gentle breeze. Dresses, including their trains, are typically shorter to accommodate the outdoor setting. Veils are sometimes substituted with a crown of flowers or a single floral adornment in the hair, reflecting a romantic and natural vibe. An increasingly popular silhouette for summer wedding dresses is the empire gown, exuding elegance and simplicity. Indoor weddings, on the other hand, offer versatility by seamlessly transitioning beach or garden wedding themes into an indoor space or providing an elegant setting for a formal red carpet affair. Indoor summer weddings showcase stunning mermaid and trumpet gowns, often featuring off-the-shoulder or strapless designs with open backs, creating a captivating and glamorous look. There are minimal rules when it comes to wedding attire, as it is all about the theme and the statement the couple wishes to convey. Embrace vibrant summer colors and fabrics to dress your wedding party in attire that makes a bold and stylish statement.

Flowers for the Summer

What blossoms during the summer months? Sunflowers bring a vibrant burst of yellow, symbolizing joy and happiness. Hydrangeas contribute a diverse range of colors and add volume to bouquets, creating a visually appealing display. Roses, orchids, and daisies are also popular choices, lending their beauty to create stunning bouquets and floral arrangements for summer weddings. Flowers serve as the finishing touch for every wedding theme, enhancing the color scheme and atmosphere of your venue.

The reception area

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Opting for a summer wedding at an all-inclusive venue with an in-house design team guarantees innovative design, décor, and theme integration across both the ceremony and reception areas. Crystal Ballroom North Tampa excels in crafting enchanting weddings within its elegant ballroom, meticulously adorned to suit the theme of any summer celebration. The skilled in-house design team collaborates closely with couples to harmonize colors, arrange table décor, and transform the entire wedding venue, from the ceremony space to the reception hall. The design possibilities are limitless, limited only by one's imagination.


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