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The Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Planning Summer Weddings

Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are all about the season that brings blue skies and warm weather to romantic settings, fresh colors and beautiful flowers. North Tampa is nestled into the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and is the perfect location for your Florida wedding. Pick a date to say ‘I do’ somewhere between June and August, and discover a little inspiration in these ideas for planning summer weddings.

Summer Weddings

Indoor or Outdoor Summer Weddings

Summer weddings in the sunshine state welcome whimsical outdoor ceremonies and invite fanciful indoor ballroom ceremonies designed by the themes of imagination. Planning the setting of a ceremony during the summer in Florida requires attention to the statistical probability of rainfall. Florida is known as the sunshine state, but is also known for afternoon summer showers through all that sunshine. The best time of day for outdoor summer weddings is usually early day, before the afternoon showers. Indoor summer weddings offer a flexible window of time. One might consider an early ceremony outdoors and an evening ballroom reception.

Colors for Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are full of fresh and vibrant colors. Those Florida beach colors like teal, fuchsia, terracotta, pale yellow and nautical blue complement every shade between and every hue. Summer weddings are known for bright colors. Bring your summer color palette to life with enormous floral arrangements atop of candelabras, and colorful table runners and chair sashes. The wedding colors can be incorporated into the ceremony with the bouquet and wedding attire.

Summer Weddings

Wedding Attire

Outdoor summer weddings bring thinner fabrics that flow with color and the wind. Dresses and their trains are commonly shorter. Veils are often replaced with a crown of flowers or a single flower in the hair. A trending summer wedding dress silhouette is an empire gown. Indoor weddings can carry your beach or garden wedding theme indoors or provide a space for the formal red carpet affair. Indoor summer weddings reveal those jaw-dropping mermaid and trumpet gowns that are off the shoulders or strapless with open backs. There are few rules when it comes to wedding attire. It is all about the theme and statement the couple seeks to create. So use those vibrant summer colors and fabrics, and dress your wedding party with a statement.

Flowers for the Summer

What blooms in summer? Sunflowers add bright yellow to the occasion and evoke a sense of happiness. Hydrangeas offer a variety of color and volume to any bouquet. Roses, orchids and daisies make beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements for summer weddings. Flowers complete every wedding theme and are a way to add color and atmosphere to your venue.

Summer Weddings

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Summer weddings at an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team ensures creative design, décor and the creation of the theme throughout the ceremony space and reception hall. Crystal Ballroom North Tampa masters the art of creating fairy tale weddings in an elegant ballroom that is decorated to match the theme for any summer wedding. The creative in-house design team works closely with couples to coordinate colors, arrange table décor, and decorate the entire wedding venue from ceremony space to the reception in the ballroom. The possibilities for design are as endless as imagination.

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