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Steps to Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding day is an exciting process with some avoidable stress. The first step always seems the hardest. Many brides do not know where to begin. Others get stuck in a cycle of procrastination and indecisiveness. We have a few tips to help you with your wedding planning journey.

The First Step

The first step to putting any plan in motion always seems the biggest. Many brides announce the engagement and quickly choose their wedding party and start shopping for the wedding dress. These are important steps that belong at the top of the wedding checklist, but they are not the first. You might have a few selfies of the moment it all happened, but you should take professional images for your engagement announcements and save-the-dates. Do not forget to celebrate with an engagement party before you start planning the details. The first steps to planning are to create a budget and count your guests. With these two pieces of information, you will be ready to plan.

Wedding Planning

Next on the Wedding Planning Checklist

One of the most important elements of your wedding day will be the venue. You must book your wedding venue before you plan any other details. It is easier to ask friends to be in your wedding party than to rescind the invitation; therefore, wait to build your wedding party until after you book your venue. You will need an idea about space and expense. The wedding venue will set the tone for the entire wedding day. Book a venue with all-inclusive packages that include furnishings, flowers, décor and a wedding designer. This will help you bring your vision to life much easier than booking the empty space.

Nine Months of Wedding Planning to Go

About nine months prior to your wedding day, you should lock down your essential vendors, such as the caterer, photographer and entertainment. These are extremely important vendors that will define your entire event. This is also the time to start shopping for the wedding dress and tux. You will probably need to schedule a couple fittings during the wedding planning process. This is the time to reserve a hotel block for out-of-town guests. You might want to reserve a room to enjoy with the wedding party on the night before and on the morning of your wedding day.

Wedding Planning

Six Months on the Timeline

About six months prior to your wedding day, you should create a gift registry, shop for invitations, and start planning your honeymoon. If you have not already, you should book your officiant and begin to think about how you envision the ceremony. You might want to include special traditions and rituals, such as a unity candle or sand ceremony. This is the time to shop for the wedding bouquets. If you are planning a bouquet toss, you will probably want an elaborately designed bouquet for the ceremony, and a smaller bouquet for the toss. It is common for brides to choose artificial flowers for the bouquet used during the toss. You should also arrange transportation, limos and cars. Create your day of event timeline. Once you have all the details locked down for your invitations, wedding dress, theme and flowers, you should book your cake designer. The cake designer will incorporate design elements of the dress and theme into the cake.

Wedding Planning

The Last Few Months of Wedding Planning

A lot happens during the last few months of wedding planning. The rehearsal dinner occurs a couple days before the wedding, but the details will need to be planned in advance. Provide your bridal shower host with your guest list. Create a playlist for your deejay or band. Purchase favors for your guests. Schedule another fitting for your wedding dress and bridal party. Purchase the wedding rings. Secure your hair and makeup artist. Connect with your vendors and make sure they have your day of event timeline. Mail out invitations six to eight weeks prior to your wedding day. During the last month of wedding planning, you will be counting RSVP’s, giving a final headcount to your caterer and venue, applying for your marriage license, scheduling a last fitting, making sure all of your vendors are paid, creating a seating chart, preparing your wedding favors and writing your vows. You will probably attend the bridal shower a couple months before your wedding day.

The Last Week of Planning

The last week on the wedding checklist is all about you. Relax, go to a spa with your wedding party and take the time to reflect. You will need to follow up with vendors during the final week. Make sure your day of event coordinator has your timeline and list for who will be bustling your dress and carrying out specific tasks. Pick up the dress, tux and wedding party attire. Pack for your honeymoon. Attend the rehearsal dinner and other celebrations. Make sure everything is packed the day before your wedding.

Wedding Planning

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa makes wedding planning for the fairy tale a simple process. The all-inclusive wedding venue combines all of the furnishings, designs, and services to make dream weddings come true. Take all the stress out of wedding planning, and let the professional wedding designers bring your dream to life. Schedule your VIP tour and begin planning.


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