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Setting the Table at Your Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa Wedding Venue

Designing the wedding reception and setting the tables are part of the wedding planning process. The design of the reception area is important to conveying your theme and incorporating your colors. These tips should help you design your reception area and set the tables at your wedding venue.

Table Setting Basics

Think about how you imagine your wedding day. If you are attempting to create a formal setting and a fine dining experience, dressing your tables will be important. Tables are dressed with a few different linens. You should have table cloths, table runners, overlays, napkins and chair sashes on every chair that frames your table. Formal dining requires formal chinaware, and it is part of your design elements. With these basics in mind, let's set the table at your wedding venue.

Table Cloths in Your Wedding Venue

A table cloth is almost required to give the wedding venue that luxurious and formal feeling. This is where you can bring in your wedding color. Avoid using different color table cloths on different tables in the same room, unless your theme requires it. Formal settings are not loud. They usually consist of a deep rich color and create a classy look.

Adding Runners

While you might consider a solid matching color for every table cloth, you should contrast the runner with a different color. The fabric and design should be considered for proper effect. Give your tables dimension and create an obvious separation between the runner and the table cloth by using a different color and fabric. The runner will drape across the center of the table where at least two of your wedding colors will collide.

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa Wedding Venue

Using an Overlay

An overlay has an intricate design on sheer fabric that allows it to be placed directly over a runner for effect. An overlay is not required, but it certainly gives it something more. If you are using a sequined table runner, you might not want to cover it. A sequined runner will make an entirely different statement than a simple runner with an elegant overlay. You can choose not to use a runner, and to use a decorative overlay directly on the table cloth instead.

Chair Sashes

Chair sashes consist of fabric that is tied to a chair for design. Since the chairs frame the table, the chair sashes complete the look. Recommended fabrics are organza and satin. Organza is sheer material that resembles mesh. Satin shimmers and has that silky look and feel. Satin is more costly, but much easier to work with. Sashes are about eight to twelve inches wide and about six to eight feet long. The unique effect is determined by the way you tie the chair sashes. Whether you envision the classic bow or a weave, the color and fabric should compliment your table setting.

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa Wedding Venue

Centerpieces in the Wedding Venue

Centerpieces will be a focal point on your table and create dimension in the wedding venue. Tall candelabras with layers of floral arrangements on each table will create the illusion of a canopy of flowers. Smaller groups of floral arrangements can also accent the top of a candelabra. Candles are always elegant. You might consider stringing your candelabra with pearls or crystals. If you have a long table, you could use more than one large centerpiece with other table décor. If you have a round table, you should only have one large centerpiece with smaller accent table décor, which could be transparent vases filled with pebbles or floating candles. Avoid using scented candles on your table where food will be served.

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa Wedding Venue

Setting the Table

There are a couple different ways to set your table in the wedding venue. Usually you will have a decorative charger plate at each setting to create a base. Your chinaware is part of your design and décor. A cloth napkin should always be used for a formal setting. You can choose a decorative napkin ring or simply place the napkin in the center of the plate with silverware on top. If you are placing silverware on the table, you should follow the rules for a formal setting. The dinner fork and salad fork are always placed to the left. The knife and spoon are always placed to the right. The knife is placed closest to the plate with the blade facing the plate. Water and wine glasses should be placed to the top right. The bread plate should be placed to the top left. The dessert spoon and fork should be placed at the top of the grouping in front of the charger plate.

Setting a Formal Table

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa Wedding Venue

Designing your wedding venue and creating your formal table setting is a significant part of wedding planning. The table décor and place setting will convey your theme and set the tone for the fine dining experience you hope to create. Renting linens, table décor and chinaware and hiring a designer can be costly. Attempting to DIY your wedding day can be time-consuming and frustrating. An affordable and simple solution to creating a flawless event is found at Crystal Ballroom North Tampa. Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding venue with professional designers and all of the décor and services to bring your dream wedding to life. The complete design of your ceremony space, reception ballroom and all of the linens, table décor and formal chinaware for a full three course meal are included. Bring imagination and let the Crystal Ballroom create a wedding from fantasy.


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