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The Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Romantic Proposal Ideas

Are you searching for romantic ways to ask the big question? The idea is to woo them with romance and make the proposal a magical ever after memory. Pour some sugar on the romance with these romantic proposal ideas.

Proposal Ideas with Candy and Candles

Nothing could ever be sweeter than candy or more romantic than candles. These proposal ideas involve a little of both. For about $20 you can purchase a package of 20 floating paper lanterns that come with votive candles inside. Take your date poolside with these proposal ideas. Chill a bottle of champagne, decorate the area with displays of their favorite candy and release the lanterns on the water. An evening date beneath a blanket of stars and flickering candles on the water creates the perfect mood. The rest is all up to you.

Proposal Ideas with Flowers

Nothing speaks the language of love better than flowers with these proposal ideas. Set the table for a magical candlelight dinner with a large floral arrangement in the center. Use real flowers to add scent and life to the atmosphere. Fill the room with a couple large vases of red roses. Now all you need to do is decide whether to kneel beside their chair at dinner or reach across the table with the box in hand. Be careful not to place the ring inside of food or a beverage. While it seems like a way to add an element of surprise to the occasion, the best proposal ideas avoid trips to the dentist.

It’s About the Way You Do It

Romantic ways to propose do not always involve romantic dining. A chartered boat, a picnic on the beach, a stroll through your favorite park or a small waterfall provides a tranquil setting to create romance and a space to ask the big question. A Christmas proposal is definitely romantic and completely unforgettable. Remember that it isn’t always about the location; however, it is always about the way you do it.

Create the romantic proposal of their dreams and the wedding from fantasy at Crystal Ballroom North Tampa. The elegance within this picturesque wedding venue is unmatched by any other. Design your dream wedding from ceremony to reception with the in-house professional design team. Crystal Ballroom masters the art of creating your fairy tale.


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