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Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Planning Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers have purpose. They will set the tone of your entire wedding day, bring in color, and add dimension and meaning. There are so many blooms and colors to choose from that designing the space can become challenging. We are sharing a few design secrets to help you plan your wedding flowers.

Envision Your Wedding Flowers

Imagine your wedding day and the aesthetic you want to create. Envision your theme and color palette. Create realistic expectations. You might find inspiration in the magazine, but recreating the space with the dreamy wedding flowers can become an expensive dream. Try not to allow the budget to make all the decisions. Think about whether you can be flexible with the types of blooms and whether you are willing to use artificial flowers. An all-inclusive wedding venue that includes the floral arrangements can save you thousands in the process of creating your space with the flowers you envision. Create a picture board of ideas to take with you to the venue or florist.

Budgeting for Wedding Flowers

Be prepared to allocate between 8% and 10% of your total budget on the wedding flowers. The average cost of wedding flowers ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. How much you spend on your wedding flowers will depend on the types of blooms you choose and the amount of flowers you require to fill your space. Choosing an all-inclusive wedding venue that includes your floral designs can save you thousands. If you need to compromise with the budget and imagination, artificial flowers can be combined with fresh flowers to stretch the budget. Premium silk flowers are a creative way to save money. They can be used to design bouquets, boutonnieres, and the wedding venue. If you are not willing to sacrifice fresh flowers, you will need to get creative with your choice of blooms.

Wedding Flowers

The Experience Blooms Create

There is an entire science behind wedding flowers to help you create the experience. Colors and scents affect mood and alter perceptions. Wedding flowers bring color into the space with a combination of hues, and different shapes that create dimension. Consider the fragrance you add to the ceremony space and reception tables. You might choose powerfully romantic scents for your ceremony, but avoid strong scents on tables that would alter the taste of food. Beyond the color and scent, wedding flowers have an unspoken language that developed by our association with certain meanings and feelings.

The Language of Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers speak their own language with associated meanings. Floriograghy is a language of flowers that has survived since the 1700's. During the Victorian era, an entire language developed as a code for lovers to exchange secret messages. If you have ever been gifted red roses, you knew the deep red buds represented love and passion. If someone gifted you yellow roses, they probably came from a friend. Pink roses are romantic and sweet, but they do not mean the same as the red ones your significant other gave you. These are just a few of the associations with flowers. Every bloom means something different.

Wedding Flowers

The Color of Your Wedding Flowers

  • Pink represents love, happiness, innocence and femininity

  • Red represents passion and love

  • White represents purity, spirituality and sympathy

  • Blue represents peace and friendship

  • Violet represents grace, elegance, beauty and royalty

  • Green represents good fortune, good health and new beginnings

  • Yellow represents happiness and friendship

  • Orange represents excitement and passion

The Meaning Behind the Blooms

  • Daffodils mean new life and new beginnings

  • Carnations are good luck and pure love

  • Gardenias represent a secret love

  • Hydrangeas represent grace and beauty

  • Hyacinths represent are delicate flowers that represent commitment and beauty

  • Irises symbolize hope and faith

  • White Lilies mean devotion and pure love

  • Peonies represent good fortune and happy marriages

  • Sunflowers mean good news and happy occasions

  • Tulips mean perfect love and importance

Wedding Flowers

Designing the Space

Consider the size of the space and the size of the floral arrangements. Lower centerpieces work well outdoors. You might create an illusion of a canopy of flowers on high candelabras indoors. You can design with suspended arrangements from the ceiling or from tree branches. Placement of your wedding flowers is important. You should avoid blocking faces. Place the widest part of your arrangements over the tallest person’s head and below the shortest person’s head. Evaluate the size of the venue and think about how you want to use your flowers.

Wedding Flowers

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa is a luxurious wedding venue with professional wedding designers and planners. Meet with designers inside of the design studio to choose your wedding flowers, develop your theme and coordinate your wedding décor. This all-inclusive wedding venue includes all of the furnishings, designs and services. Create the fairy tale you envision in an elegant ballroom designed just for you.


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