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The Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Making Wedding Planning Affordable

Wedding Planning at Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Few things will ever come close to the excitement and stress of wedding planning. Where and when to begin are equally as confusing as who pays for what. As society evolves, so do our wedding traditions. While some things seem to be static, almost everything about getting married has become about how to make the day unlike anything ever done before on a budget. This simple guide to wedding planning should eliminate the stress and help you plan the affordable wedding of your dreams.

The Engagement Party

As soon as you get engaged, the wedding planning begins. No doubt, one of the first few questions will be about who pays for what and how to afford it all. Soon after getting engaged, you begin planning the engagement party. This is the event where friends and family gather to celebrate the engagement, and welcome the groom to the family. According to tradition, the bride’s parents host and pay for the engagement party and the wedding. Many couples are planning their own engagement parties and paying for it all on a smaller budget.

There are not many rules to planning your engagement party. This special event brings the two families together to announce the engagement and welcome the groom to the family. It is usually a much smaller event than the wedding. Engagement parties can be held in smaller venues or even in a decorated backyard. Keep in mind that you probably do not want to invite someone to your engagement party that you are not inviting to your wedding. However, you do not need to invite all the people to your engagement party that will be at your wedding. This celebration is usually reserved for a small circle of family and close friends.

Wedding Planning on Your Budget

Traditionally, the brides parents pay for the wedding. If you have been married before, lived together with your partner for a while or are a mature couple, you will probably step away from tradition and split the bill as a couple. When you are wedding planning on your own, there are creative tricks to make your budget work for you.

You might find family members willing to make a financial contribution. Consider creating a wedding website with a gift registry page that includes wedding donations for family and friends to contribute to your wedding planning expenses. You can also find smaller venues or all-inclusive wedding venues that bundle the venue, décor and most of the services into an affordable wedding package. Host your wedding at a venue that includes the tables, linens, décor and china, and has bartender and banquet staff to service your event. This will save you thousands on your wedding day.

The Groom’s Parents

Tradition does not give all the responsibility to the bride’s parents. The groom’s parents are included and have a share to pay. The groom’s parents pay for the brides bouquet, the corsages and boutonnieres for both families, and lodging of the groomsmen and the best man. The groom's parents also pay for the rehearsal dinner. The grooms family might contribute to the wedding day by providing alcohol for the bar or help pay for the flowers. While tradition has good intentions, couples might find themselves paying for part or all. In this case, as with the engagement party, get creative with your budget and how you celebrate.

Wedding Planning

The Groom’s Role

While it might seem like the wedding planning adventure is mostly about planning the bride’s special day, this is also the groom’s day. One of the most important parts of a wedding is the actual ceremony and the officiant to seal the deal. This important part of the ritual is in the hands of the groom.

The groom usually pays for the marriage license and the fees to the officiant. Take your time finding an officiant that will help you create an intimate ceremony with unique and symbolic rituals. The groom will also purchase the bouquet for the bride, and her rings. The groom also gives the bride a gift, purchases gifts and boutonnieres for his groomsmen, and takes care of the honeymoon bill. However, many couples split the honeymoon expenses.

Affordable Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning at Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

You do not need to plan smaller or less to have the most at Crystal Ballroom North Tampa. This luxurious wedding venue has an all-inclusive concept that is designed to impress. Over-sized chandeliers, tables, chairs, linens, fine china, designs and décor are all included in every wedding package. The in-house designers completely decorate your ceremony space and reception to bring the wedding of your dreams to reality. Your bar and reception are fully staffed with a bartender and banquet staff. Crystal Ballroom North Tampa creates affordable dream weddings.


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