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Kid Free Wedding and Announcing It

Kid Free Wedding

Whether you are comparing your wedding budget with the guest list or just dreaming of an all adult affair, you are among many couples considering a kid free wedding. This thought can be a solution to many challenges, and also meet your idea of the perfect wedding. Unfortunately, it is a heavy decision that can be weighted with emotion for you and your guests. How do you have a kid free wedding and announce it without hurt feelings? Let’s consider the pros and cons of a kid free wedding and how to announce it.

Kid Free Wedding Pros

There are some obvious and not so obvious reasons for having a kid free wedding. Have you ever been hanging on the edge of your seat in the middle of a theater waiting for the plot twisting dialogue when all you could hear is that baby cry on the back row and that mother scolding her two year-old for jumping in their chair? A kid free wedding avoids noise distractions and interference that you might not want in the middle of your ceremony or on the audio of your wedding video.

Also consider the guest count that must be divided between the bride and the groom. Each guest you invite will probably bring a date. That doubles your guest count. If you are allowing children at your wedding, you will need to add space for the children. If you have a sister and a cousin with a big family, this can eat up a wedding budget and create an unequal count.

Kid Free Wedding

Kid Free Wedding Cons

While you might be swayed by the compelling arguments as to why you should have a kid free wedding, there are some cons to consider. No children in attendance might mean that some of your guests will not be able to attend. If friends and relatives would be traveling from out of town, leaving children behind could be difficult. There could be a special niece, nephew or sibling that would not be able to attend. Your maid of honor or bridesmaids might have to leave their partner at home to care for small children. Childcare is not an option for everyone. Also, you will need to be prepared for the conversations with guests that will follow this decision.

Announcing a Kid Free Wedding

If you are set on a kid free wedding, make sure you clearly announce it everywhere. Give parents early notice so they can plan for childcare, if they have an option. Write the words “Adults Only” on the invitations in a conspicuous location. Write the names of the specific individuals that you are inviting to the wedding on the invitations and the RSVP cards. Create a wedding website with details about the wedding that specifies that it is an adults only affair.

Kid Free Wedding

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Plan your wedding guest list the way you envision it. Never invite someone to your wedding just because you are feeling guilty. Many couples that do not have children choose a kid free wedding. Deciding not to have children in attendance is a completely personal decision. Create your wedding guest list to fill your wedding venue with the people you want to celebrate with in the way that you want to celebrate. And if you are searching for the perfect space to make your dream wedding come true, look no further than Crystal Ballroom North Tampa.


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