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The Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Halloween Inspired Sweet Sixteen Party

Sweet Sixteen Party

Are you looking for a spooky theme for your sweet sixteen celebration? Get inspired by these spooky sweet sixteen ideas.

Invitations for a Halloween Sweet Sixteen

With a Halloween inspired sweet sixteen party, you’ll need spooky invitations to welcome your guests. Consider some DIY fun and create your own invitations. You can create a spooky design or keep it simple with the traditional Halloween colors, orange and black. Adding spiders, webs and skeletons is a sure way to make your invitations a little spooky. If your princess has a favorite character, you could always step up your theme with a little “Child’s Play.” If Chucky or another horror favorite makes an appearance on the invitations, do not disappoint at your party. Try to carry your theme for the party to the paper. Modern invitations are going electronic. Creating an email version of the print design can lead to some fun with graphic design.

Sweet Sixteen Party

Decorations for a Halloween Sweet Sixteen

Decorating for a Halloween sweet sixteen party calls for spooky decorations that will bring your theme to life or into the beyond. Traditional decorations like streamers and balloons are perfect party decorations for any theme. Sticking with Halloween colors will ensure your sweet sixteen party stays close to the theme. Cobwebs and fake spiders will keep things creepy. Bring in her favorite characters from her favorite horror films, a spooky clown and light effects. Uplighting in your party venue will cast colors upon your décor and intensify the effects. A fog machine will blanket the floor and mix with the lighting to add to the illusion. Take your party to the graveyard or into the mysterious with a sweet sixteen beyond their wildest nightmares.

Sweet Sixteen Party

Games for a Halloween Sweet Sixteen

Spooky Scavenger Hunt

  • Have a spooktacular time with a Halloween sweet sixteen scavenger hunt. You can make your own or print a list from the internet.

Spooky Cookies

  • Set up a table of cookies with decorations to let your guests make a spooky cookie.

Costume Contest

  • Turn her sweet sixteen into a Halloween costume party. Let the birthday girl pick the best. Consider having a prize for the winner.

Wrap the Birthday Girl

  • Let the guests mummify the birthday girl with streamer.

Sweet Sixteen Party

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

If you need help designing and creating the perfect Halloween sweet sixteen celebration, contact the designers and planners at Crystal Ballroom North Tampa. The in-house design team is dedicated to creating your moments that matter most. We design and stage every element of your theme throughout the entire party venue.


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