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Giving Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have been part of tradition since 16th century England. Receiving a gift from the couple has always been associated with luck. Deciding what gift to give on your wedding day can be a challenge. Gifts in history have included trinkets, candles and candies. Your wedding favors should represent your relationship and your theme. We have a few tips for your wedding favors.

Choosing Wedding Favors

Choosing the wedding favors requires careful thought. You should consider your theme and how the gift will represent your wedding story. You could choose anything from a single rose to a small box of chocolates. The idea is to give something unique that will be realized as a meaningful token that they will carry away from your wedding day. You might consider something practical that will be used. You do not want this gift to be tossed away. A candle or a miniature bottle of wine are almost guaranteed to be used and appreciated. Favors do not have to be expensive to be meaningful; however, you should decide how much you want to spend before the idea takes you too far.

Wedding Favors

Practical and Fun

Giving gifts that will be used and enjoyed is important. It could be decorated magnets, specialty jars of jelly, candy or a small plant. They should also be fun. Creativity opens a door to a little fun with DIY wedding favors. It is a way to personalize your gifts and give them a unique touch. DIY favors can require a lot of time and effort to produce, but the personal touch could be worth it. Edibles are easy, inexpensive and practical. Cupcakes, petit fours or a sachet of chocolates will most definitely be enjoyed.

The Cost of the Wedding Favors

Wedding favors do not need to break the bank to be significant, but the cost can add up. Wedding favors can be as simple as a placard or as expensive as a vintage bottle of wine with a personalized label. The budget will be the best guide for your wedding favors, but make sure it doesn’t make all the decisions. Whatever idea you grasp, it must be uniformed with every guest receiving the same gift. With that in mind, think about your headcount and the cost of giving the desired wedding favor to every guest in attendance. Only consider ideas that fit within your budget.

Wedding Favors

Leaving it Behind

So much goes into creating a meaningful wedding favor, yet so many get left behind on the table. There are a couple of ways to avoid the left behind gift on the table. Having a coordinator distribute them as guests exit can ensure they are never left behind. Attaching a special message to the favor with your names and the date can add value to it. Traditionally they are placed on the table and made part of the décor surrounding the place setting. Making the wedding favor interesting, practical and fun is key to making sure they take it with them and use it.

Wedding Favors

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa masters the art of creating fairy tale weddings. Bring imagination to the designers at Crystal Ballroom and choose your designs and plan your wedding favors to match. Choose an exquisite candy bar and a collection of some of the tastiest treats, ornate glass bowls and crystal platters. Dream up your magical moments at Crystal Ballroom.


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