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Day of Event Coordinator at Your Wedding Venue

Planning your wedding has likely caused the creation of a wedding checklist. We naturally plan every detail of our wedding. After all, we are planning for perfection. Many of us fail to add a day of event coordinator to our wedding checklist. This is probably due to the confusion about the title and importance of a day of event coordinator. What is a day of event coordinator and why do we need one at our wedding venue? A day of event coordinator is essential to the success of every wedding ceremony and reception, and should always make the wedding checklist.

We plan every detail of our magical day, from the picturesque wedding venue to the flowers along our aisle. We plan music, catering, colors, and theme and décor to absolute perfection. Failing to plan for the management and coordination of the actual event at our wedding venue might cause our fairy tale to have a slightly different story than we imagined.

Coordinator vs. Planner at Your Wedding Venue

There can be a little confusion between the coordinator and planner at a wedding venue. A day of event coordinator is a little different from a wedding planner. A day of event coordinator attends the wedding rehearsal, and mock table settings at your wedding venue to review and discuss the timeline of events. The wedding planner helps you create the events and the timeline. The day of event coordinator arrives early at the wedding venue to organize and coordinate the arrival of guests, the wedding party, groom and bride. They manage the seating, cake cutting and toasting events, and ensure that everything occurs according to a strict timeline you have created with your wedding planner. A day of event coordinator organizes and oversees all the details of your wedding and reception to make sure everything unfolds the way you envisioned it, and your planner planned it.

Duties at the Wedding Venue

The day of event coordinator is essential to coordinating the movement of the wedding party and guests within the wedding venue. All aspects of the ceremony and reception are managed and organized by the day of event coordinator to ensure everyone is seated according to assignment, and everything is in place as planned. They guarantee that the wedding party makes an entrance in the appropriate order and at the appropriate time. Entrances, music and ceremonial events are all managed according to the timeline and plan.

A day of event coordinator manages seating at the reception, and ensures that the caterer and vendors are all in place and carrying out their functions according to schedule. Gifts are arranged, food services are managed, toasting and speeches are organized, and the first dance and music are coordinated the way you imagined them.

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

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