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Creating a Wedding Seating Chart

Just when you think you have planned it all, your wedding day has a few extra details that remain. Creating a wedding seating chart is not always obvious and at the top of the wedding checklist next to the cake tasting and wedding dress. It is a smaller detail that matters, but is often saved until last for some reason. Do not wait until the last minute to create the wedding seating chart. These tips should help you put the ultimate wedding seating chart together.

Wedding Seating Chart from the Guest List

When creating your guest list, you probably categorized and listed guests according to importance. At least this is how most guest lists are put together. If you didn’t quite organize your list in such a way, now is the time to categorize your guests in a spreadsheet according to relationship. The wedding party will be in one group, family will be in a different group, and friends in another group. Make a note next to friends and family indicating whether there is a certain person they should not sit next to or a group, such as college friends, that will click.

The key to a wedding seating chart is to group guests in a way that makes it an enjoyable dining and party experience. On a spread sheet, it is very simple to place a table number next to the people with similar personalities and interests, and reorganize them on the wedding seating chart that you are creating. Avoid separating partners and a household. Families belong at the same table.

Wedding Seating Chart for the Wedding Party

Traditionally, the newlywed couple sits at a sweetheart table, facing the reception tables. Their table can be placed on an elevated stage, but is almost always in the center for all to view. There are a couple different ways to create a wedding seating chart for your wedding party. The wedding party can be separated with a table for the bride’s party and a table for the groom’s party or both parties can be joined and seated by alternating male and female at one table. Traditionally, the parents of the couple are seated at the same table with grandparents, the officiant and siblings that did not join the wedding party. Your wedding seating chart should take into consideration when parents are divorced, and place the parents at separate tables with their new spouse and any family.

Wedding Seating Chart for Children

Not every wedding has children on the wedding seating chart. If you are planning on a kid friendly wedding, seat children at their own table with activities to keep them busy. It might be a good idea to place the children’s tables near their parents. Keep in mind that small children will need to sit with a parent. When creating a wedding seating chart for children, be mindful of the tables that you place them near. You may also want to place them at a table away from the bar.

Wedding Seating Chart at the Venue

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa allows couples to customize every detail of the fairy tale at the in-house design studio. Couples have access to professional in-house designers to personalize designs, theme and the arrangement of tables for their wedding seating chart. This makes creating a wedding seating chart an easy process. Crystal Ballroom North Tampa creates the dream wedding in a picturesque ballroom. The elegance is unmatched by any other. All of the designs, decor, draperies, uplighting, and the signature chandeliers are all included to create the wedding of your dreams.


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