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Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes are an important part of wedding attire. They must match your style, perfectly accent your dress and be comfortable enough to wear all day. Before you head out to shop for your wedding shoes, consider these tips.

Dress Before the Wedding Shoes

If you do not find your wedding shoes at the same place you purchase your dress, do not worry. In fact, most brides purchase their shoes at a different boutique. Always find your dress first. The dress will be the focal point as you walk down the aisle, and should be the first decision you make. The silhouette and color of your dress will make all the important decisions about the style of your shoes. You might choose a ballerina slipper with a ballgown or a slender heel with straps with a mermaid gown. Beyond matching the style of the shoe, you will also need to consider the right color and designs. Your wedding shoes should compliment every aspect of your dress, including style, heel, texture, color and embellishments.

Tips for Matching

Your personal style will help you decide on the style of your wedding shoes, but there are a few things to consider. You need to have a grasp of your overall theme and your wedding style. If you want a vintage look that makes The Great Gatsby jump from the pages of the 1925 novel, you will need to find shoes that match the era. The details will matter. Consider the shape of the toe, the height of the heel and all of the embellishments of the gown that you want mimicked by your wedding shoes. Think about the materials of your dress.

Consider the heel of your shoes. If your look demands a sophisticated shoe and you can command a higher heel with thin straps and a deep arch, go for it. If you have difficulty walking in heels, consider a small platform in the ball of the shoe to decrease the arch or choose a shorter and thicker heel. You can always make up the difference with designs. The height of the heel will not be as important as the style and color.

The color of your wedding shoes is an important decision. White, ivory and nude tones are traditional colors, but never be afraid to go for the color. You might consider glitter, silver, red or blue. Matching color on different fabrics can be challenging. If you have ever placed a navy shirt next to navy pants you are already aware that different fabrics absorb color differently. If you are unable to match the shade exactly, select a contrasting color that coordinates with the dress. It can be best to choose a complementing color to provide contrast.

Wedding Shoes

The Important Part of Wedding Shoes

Your wedding day is about colors, theme and style, but you have a lot more to consider about your shoes than the style. The most important part of your wedding shoes is how they make you feel. The memory of your wedding day should not be a painful one. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and your feet can command their movement. A high heel increases the arch and places pressure on the ball of the foot and toes. A lower and wider heel can reduce that pressure and provide more comfort. You do not always need to sacrifice the look to find comfort. It is important to try on wedding shoes and spend time walking the floor to find a comfortable shoe. Choosing a wider shoe can help relieve pressure on toes. If you want a higher heel with more comfort, find a heel with a platform in the ball. Make sure you can command the movement in your shoes on different surfaces. Think about the types of flooring in your wedding venue.

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Consider Your Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa rolls out the red carpet for your grand entrance to a ballroom designed just for you. Bring your wedding shoes and imagination to Crystal Ballroom. Meet with master wedding designers and choose from an overflowing treasure trove of décor. The possibilities for your magical moments are as endless as imagination. Select your colors, décor, linens, chair sashes and centerpieces. Design your dream wedding in an all-inclusive ballroom, where the venue, furnishings, designs, décor and services are bundled into an affordable package to make your dream wedding come true.


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