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Choosing Your Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Everyone will remember your wedding day the way you celebrated it. When planning a wedding, we strive to create experiences that they will remember forever. Food is an important part of the experience. Every detail of the reception, from the entrée to the dessert, is planned to remember. Creating a well-crafted food experience for guests is accomplished by the choices we make about the catering. These tips should help you make important choices about your wedding catering.

Choosing a Menu

The menu will make many decisions about the wedding catering. It has everything to do with the theme and flavor you want to bring to your table. For some couples, it has a lot to do with the budget. Most of the decisions couples make about the food on their wedding day is based upon a budget, unless it is a specific meal tied to a central theme. It is important to find a caterer that has some flexibility with building a unique menu that works with your unique budget. A wedding venue with preferred vendors is the best place to start planning your wedding catering.

Be Creative with Your Menu

Sometimes the theme can help us choose our wedding catering. Some couples attempt to recreate their first dinner date, while others are attempting to recreate the French cuisine of Beauty and the Beast. In this case, it is important to work with a caterer that can customize the menu. When a theme is not controlling the table, it allows us to fall in love with a menu and explore more options. Crystal Ballroom North Tampa is an all-inclusive wedding venue that allows couples the freedom to choose their caterer and create the unique catering experience they imagine. It is important to host your reception at a venue that opens their doors to outside caterers to support your creative food ideas.

The Cost of Wedding Catering

Since many couples make decisions about their wedding catering based upon the budget, we should talk about the cost. The cost is usually calculated by the plate. This is why a wedding guest list should be created very early in the wedding planning process. It will provide a good estimate of costs. The average cost of wedding catering can range from $20 to $50 a plate. The best savings can be found at a wedding venue with relationships with catering companies.

Wedding Catering

Explore a Tasting

Regardless of whether the theme or the budget sways your choices, let the tasting make the final decision. Ultimately, the dish must please the palate and adorn the plate like an ornament. Most caterers charge a fee for food tasting. However, some caterers will reduce the amount of the tasting from your catering invoice when you book an event with them. You will also find some caterers that never charge a fee for the tasting. Tasting is an important part of the process that should never be avoided. It is an opportunity to meet with catering companies to compare dishes, options and services.

Full-Service or Drop-Off Service

Not every wedding venue requires a full-service caterer. Crystal Ballroom North Tampa is an all-inclusive wedding venue with banquet managers and banquet staff. This allows for a drop-off service and reduces fees. While wedding catering is important, paying extra for a caterer to staff your event is not. A food manager at your wedding venue can work with your wedding caterer and carry out very specific and important tasks above and beyond catering to ensure a successful dining experience. Banquet staff are included with every wedding at Crystal Ballroom North Tampa.

Wedding Catering

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa has an all-inclusive concept that keeps the cost of the venue, furnishings and décor down, while sparing nothing in the process of delivering elegance to your event. This allows couples to spend more on the catering experience they envision and the things that are important for them on their wedding day. Bring your magical day to Crystal Ballroom North Tampa and meet with the preferred wedding catering services. While they create your catering experience, Crystal Ballroom North Tampa will bring your fairy tale to life.

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