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A Little Guide to Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation

Wedding transportation is an essential part of the wedding day and your theme. It is all about the entrance, the exit, the type of transportation and the passengers involved. While you will not plan transportation for every guest in attendance, there are a few important people that definitely require wedding transportation. Most couples want to create an unforgettable showstopper entrance and exit, which only occurs with the most impressive transportation. This little guide should help you choose the wedding transportation for the entrance and exit you want to create.

Timeline for Wedding Transportation

While most couples book their wedding transportation about six months in advance of the big day, you might consider booking a little earlier. Popular services with the most impressive transportation book quickly. Transportation services usually only have a few different vehicles in inventory, and if the wedding is scheduled to take place during peak season, from June to August, this could limit your options.

The timeline is not just about how soon you should book, but also about the day of your event. It is important to schedule transportation to arrive early at the correct locations on the day of the wedding. Miscalculating transportation times could mean that someone does not arrive at the altar. Consider distance and factor in any unplanned delays. You cannot control accidents or traffic, and you cannot predict anything that occurs on the road, which means you should add about 30 minutes to the estimated transportation time.

Wedding Transportation

Who Needs Wedding Transportation?

Before you begin selecting your transportation, you will want to create a list of guests and members of the wedding party that will require transportation. You should consider the bride, groom, wedding party, parents and some very special guests. If you have a lot of out-of-town guests or are planning a destination wedding, you might consider providing transportation for those guests. Instead of making multiple trips in one vehicle or renting multiple cars, you might discover more savings with a bus that can transport larger groups. Some hotels offer shuttle services, which could be another way to save on transportation. Traditionally, couples provide wedding transportation for the wedding party, the parents of the couple, out of town guests, elderly and those with special needs.

Choosing Your Wedding Transportation

The wedding transportation is an important element of the theme. Consider your theme and the type of entrance or exit you want to make. If you are planning a 1920’s theme, your transportation will be much different than a Cinderella theme. Some couples choose the classic car or limousine, but there are many more options to consider. You might consider an exotic car, something vintage or something unexpected. Not everyone chooses a Rolls Royce, and your wedding day might call for something a little out of the ordinary. A horse-drawn carriage is the perfect addition to a Cinderella wedding. A vintage truck would be the finishing touch to a country affair. Sports cars and classic cars remain a popular choice; however, you should make your wedding transportation just as unique as your wedding.

Vintage Cars

If you are considering a vintage theme, you might choose a vintage car to match, such as a vintage Rolls, Ghost, Phantom, Austin, Ford or Daimler. Classic cars are those built between 1945 to the late 1960s. Modern classic cars are from the 1970s and 1980s. The most popular modern brands include Jaguar, Mercedes, Chrysler, Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Wedding Transportation


The traditional limousine seats eight passengers. Consider a larger Hummer or Ford Excursion limousine to seat more. These larger vehicles usually seat between thirteen and sixteen guests. You might consider a limousine for the bride with her party, and a separate limo for the groom and his. Traditionally, the couple does not arrive together; however, they will always leave together. You will probably book a different vehicle to make your unforgettable exit.

Booking a Bus

Some couples choose a bus when they want to transport large groups or a large wedding party. If you have a lot of guests from out-of-town and are arranging transportation from a hotel to a venue, you might consider a bus. You could use a standard bus, a party bus or a double-decker bus, depending on your needs and the experience you want to create.

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

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