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12 Ways to the Perfect Christmas Proposal

Christmas Proposal

Are you thinking of romantic ways to pop the big question this Christmas? You probably already know this is a long awaited moment that will never be forgotten, which is why you want to make it absolutely epic. Making that perfect proposal a magical ever after memory is most likely already within your imagination. These 12 ways to the perfect Christmas proposal should give you a little inspiration.

12 Days of Christmas

Follow the 12 Days of Christmas tradition with a small gift for each day. On the 12th day, bend to a knee and deliver your Christmas proposal.

Christmas Proposal with Lights

Spell out your proposal in a romantic way. Write your big question with Christmas Lights. Stand them in place for the big reveal, as you plug in those beautiful lights.

Mistletoe Kisses

Step beneath the mistletoe for the perfect kiss, but bend to a knee just before your lips touch.

Christmas Proposal

Box Within a Box

Wrap your beautiful ring inside of a perfectly decorated box with a bow. Then place it inside of a bigger box that is wrapped a little differently. Then place the bigger box inside of an even bigger box that is wrapped and tied with its own amazing bow. Continue this until you reach the desired level of experience you hope to create with your Christmas proposal.

Christmas Proposal

Picture Perfect Proposal

Gather for a Christmas photo and set a timer, use a remote or have your photographer in on the idea. Just before the final countdown to flash, drop to one knee and capture the moment of your picture perfect proposal.

Dinner Date

Consider an evening at the dining table surrounded by flowers and candles. Create a romantic Christmas dinner and pop the question when the mood is just right.

A Romantic Walk

Depending on the weather and your location, you might consider a romantic walk in the snow or on the beach. Take your true love to the magic spot to ask the perfect question.

Christmas Proposal

Tree Shopping

Take your love on a date to shop for the Christmas tree. When you find the magical tree, bend to one knee and seize the moment.

Breakfast in Bed Proposal

Prepare a Christmas breakfast in bed for your significant other. Decorate the tray with flowers and the perfect ring.

Involve Your Pet

Place the ring in a small gift bag on your pet’s collar. Put on a Christmas movie for a date on the sofa and call your pet over for the ring to be discovered.

Christmas Carolers

Hire Christmas carolers to serenade you and your love on Christmas morning. go outside with your partner to listen closely to the lyrics as they change to the love song, "Marry Me." Just when they are catching on to the reality of the moment with the transition from Christmas music to the love song, drop to a knee for the ultimate Christmas proposal.

Make it Meaningful

The delivery of your wedding proposal is probably the most important part of it all. It can be as complex as a short speech of all the reasons why or as simple as asking a question. It does not need to be extravagant to have good delivery. The bending to a knee and looking in their eyes with sincerity as you ask is usually as perfect as it gets. Make sure you setup a camera nearby to capture your perfect wedding proposal and the moment they say "yes."

Christmas Proposal

Crystal Ballroom North Tampa

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